Who We Are

We are the A.R. SJM Family from the United States, New Zealand and East Africa.

Our mission is to improve the quality of individuals’ lives while providing a long term impact. By demonstrating commitment to people, organizations, and churches, we seek solutions for specific social problems through research, training, and support.

We seek to invest in people’s lives and build the community through support of projects and organizations with the purpose of providing opportunities for individuals, as well as strengthening family bonds.

Our past and current interest areas are: Genealogy, Historical Preservation, Nonprofit Management, Education, Children, Prisoners, Homelessness, Ex-Offender Re-Entry, Nutrition and Wellness, Substance Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Recovery.

Our family is passionate about innovation and education and will continue to provide affordable and accessible education services to all mankind.

The SJM Family: A Family of Impact Investors

PARfessionals' Founder, Jorea Kelley-Hardison and the A.R. SJM (Simmons Jacobs M’Namee) Family have a prominent lineage of educators, civil rights activists, heroes, history makers, and entrepreneurs who have significantly invested in their communities.

The SJM Family developed, personally financed and owns the PARfessionals™ product brand including the National Peer Recovery Navigator™ credential.

Our family is very proud to have an extensive background in business, workforce development, healthcare, military, ministry, information technology, social services, financial securities, insurance, organizational management, criminal justice, hospitality, marketing, human resources and customer service. Additionally, we have worked for many companies in a wide range of industries including the U.S. Military, Dallas Cowboys, IBM, Texas Department of Health and Human Services, Texas Workforce Commission, Internal Revenue Service, US Department of Treasury, Fannie Mae, Dallas ISD, Irving ISD, Tenet Healthcare, and the Dallas County Community College District.

Our Impact Investment Projects

Certified PeerRecovery Navigator